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Image Companies State of the Art Training Facility

Hiring Practices


  Image Companies can help you create a janitorial and commercial cleaning schedule that suits your business. As a business owner, you deserve to have the right kind of people providing janitorial services.


We’ll work with you as your partner in building management to make sure your building is consistently clean and orderly. Our people are well trained, trustworthy and reliable. We do the job right, on time and on budget.


At Image Companies, we thoroughly screen our candidates with proper work credentials and verify all employees through the Department of Homeland Security and its E-Verification system. We are knowledgeable in all aspects of hiring personnel, including naturalization and immigration laws.





We find that a thorough training process minimizes the learning period and prevents the most common mistakes that are made in the janitorial industry. A trained and knowledgeable staff provides professional services that our clients can always depend on.


We staff new buildings from these sources:

1. Existing employees working at the building ONLY if they meet the strict standards of Image Janitorial Services, Inc.

2. Current Image Janitorial employees at other locations

3. Most importantly, NO Warm Body Hires. Only carefully screened applicants have the opportunity of being an Image Companies Employee.


All new employees receive in depth training to ensure that high standards of Image Companies and our clients are met and maintained.


The Image Companies janitorial employee training program ensures no steps are omitted with classroom training, video training, practical application, chapter quizzes and the final exam.



Classroom Training:

1. Cleaning methods and specifications

2. Types of equipment and their proper operation

3. Chemicals and their safe use, including Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and Blood Borne Pathogen Programs

4. Customer Relations

5. Security Procedures




After all employees have successfully completed the classroom training, which includes a comprehensive final exam, they are then assigned to a jobsite for their continued education.


On-Site Training:

1. New employees are assigned an area, group or task always with an on-site supervisor.

2. The supervisor on-site works with and instructs new employees to meet customer specifications.

3. Inspection and oversight is vital to quality training.


Our strict, thorough hiring and training process is to ensure that we build the best team possible. Our employees work longer hours, earn more money and are overall more satisfied. Because of this, our team delivers increased productivity with lower absenteeism and a lower turnover than their peers. A dedicated, professional team always leads to greater customer satisfaction.


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